UNIVERUP: own system for computerized management of maritime project control

Between 2006 and 2009, SATO developed a new computer system of its own (UniverUp) for management by monitoring the maritime project in 3D and in real time, both in-situ and remotely over the Internet. The system has been installed and running since 2010 in all SATO equipment (auxiliary pontoons, cranes, dredgers, barges and submersible pontoon-caisson plant), providing significant advantages, such as:

  • Greater control over the projects, thanks to accurate, real-time knowledge of seabed topography and of the project being run, accessible both on the site and remotely
  • Incremental improvements in defining and running the work plans for machinery, in the project production reports and forecasts and in safety on operations

And, in short, an improvement in the quality of results from projects carried out by SATO.