Extension of the Port of Gijón

On the request of the Gijón Port Authority, the city’s port has been extended. Among other jobs, this included building 3,797 m of seal wall divided into the following items:

  • Torres Dike with a mound breakwater of 1,433 m (with depths varying between -5.00 and -23.00)
  • North Dike with a vertical breakwater including 1,566 m caissons (with depths varying between -23.00 and -30.00)
  • Outer sea wall with 798 m vertical breakwater

1,365 m of dock has also been made, with armed concrete caissons (foundations down to -23.00), 1,650 m of inner mounds on the esplanade closures, 140 ha of esplanade and 145 ha of protected water.

Benefits for the community

We need a description of the impact of the works on the city where they are located, at a commercial level, environmental, etc.

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