Protective work in the Port of Granadilla

Construction in the port of Granadilla in the South of the island of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands) of a seal wall 2,309 m long, formed by the following:

  • Northern dike, 596 m mound breakwater (with a crown wall at a height of +10.00)
  • Outer dike, vertical breakwater, with caissons 43.70 m long and a total of 1,713 m (caisson anchoring heights between -16.00 and -24.00)
  • On the outer end of this dike, there will be a 135 m long job

These actions come alongside other jobs such as 133 m of dock (on the shore), at -16.00 and with a ro-ro ramp. Also, the perimeter closure parallel to the north dike and moved 350 meters from it, to create an esplanade on the rear of the Shore dock.

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