Extension of the Port of Alicante

On the request of the Alicante Port Authority, the city’s port has been extended and a maritime terminal has been built in the southern zone. From a construction point of view, it was developed as a public-private joint project and can be divided into two main jobs:

  • Protective work
  • Building docks and esplanades

Important aspects include multi-purpose container terminals (covering 13 hectares) and construction of the following items:

  • Mound seal wall, 1,127 m long (with foundations at -14.00)
  • Mound seal wall, 442 m long
  • Closure perpendicular to the dike, formed by a mound section of 125 m and another 143 m vertical section made up of four caissons
  • Ro-Ro mooring made up of two caissons
  • Dock no. 21, 521 m long, made up of 15 caissons
  • Dock no. 19, 305 m long, made up of 9+1 caissons
  • Optional dock, 250 m long, made up of 7 caissons
  • Formation of esplanades with an approximate surface area of 234,000 m2
  • Dredging of the whole harbor wall and the entry canal down to -14.00

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