Quality and the Environment

As an OHLA Group company, SATO has formalized its health and safety actions according to the Prevention of Occupational Hazards Act, by:

  • Setting up a jointly responsible OHLA Group Prevention Service, with 61 accredited technicians who draft security plans and control practical application of preventive measures
  • Drafting an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) that is structured into: OHSMS Manual, 21 General Procedures, 9 Specific Procedures, 399 Health and Safety Instructions, 90 Protection Device Guides, 65 Preventive Work Instructions

OHLA Occupational Health and Safety Management System has been shaped according to rules from the OHSAS 18000 series.

Its national implementation is bindingly audited annually by CROSSBERT AUDIT and since 2005, it holds the voluntary OHSAS 18000 certification mark no. ES 05/1753/OHS, issued by the internationally recognized SGS entity. It was the first construction, concessions, environment and development group to hold this mark, renewed in 2008 for a period of 3 years.

OHLA makes a constant effort to raise awareness among its workers regarding occupational health and safety, by means of:

  • Drawing up and giving a specific FLC-standardized training program that represents over 50,000 hours a year of preventive training given to own personnel; 60% of hours in Spain and 40% of hours abroad
  • Prevention campaigns are run every year such as “Golden Health and Safety Month” and others to promote the Group’s prevention culture. Within the framework of this campaign, Occupational Health and Safety Awards are given out every year to acknowledge the effort made by site managers to set up and improve Group occupational health and safety goals
  • Information for all own operators and their workers, using own Prevention Manuals for the different business areas
  • In OHLA, the Prevention Service works on three prevention specialties, Safety in the Workplace, Industrial Hygiene and Ergonomics, where Health Monitoring is for all workers, agreed with MAEP Fremap throughout Spain and with MAZ in Aragon for our subsidiary CELSA, so this broad health cover can offer the best service and also comply with the Prevention Law and Regulation RD 39/1997 from S.P.

OHLA incident rate has continued to drop steadily over the last few years and is below average for the construction sector and SEOPAN companies.

In 2007, jointly responsible companies in OHLA have been honored with the certificate of “Excellence in preventive management”, one step ahead of the sector again and the first to receive this acknowledgement.

In 2008, OHLA became the first National Construction Group to be approved by the Occupational Construction Foundation to give training on occupational health and safety.