Civil works

Civil works are a fundamental task for SATO. As specialist builders, we put all our knowledge into making structures with all guarantees and studying the whole constructive process using the most advanced methods and equipment, guaranteeing that deadlines are met, following all security, quality and environmental requirements.

The SATO business strategy focuses on two major lines: the first is performing jobs as contractors directly with the project promoters, which might be private (such as major energy companies or industries) or regional or local administrations, central administration entities, port authorities or any other in our field; and the second line focuses on use and provision of services by floating machinery, making full use of the availability of one of the country’s most complete, advanced stocks.

In both business lines, SATO is a national benchmark due to its knowledge, technology and quality and wishes to increase its presence in all major projects throughout Spain, plus some international work required on jobs performed by the OHLA international division all over the world.